Košarica je prazna

Brezplačna dostava za nakup nad 250 EUR

Košarica je prazna

Brezplačna dostava za nakup nad 250 EUR


The Juvo B5 with rear-wheel drive offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use.

It is also compact and manoeuvrable indoors. Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and the wheelchair’s small outside dimension makes it easier to drive through narrow doorways and navigate in confined spaces.

Like all models in the Juvo product line, the B4 features a modular design and offers a high level of flexibility. The available options and features for the mobility base, seating unit and control device result in a modern and customised fitting. High-quality components such as the variably adjustable seat (VAS) or the TEN° control device can also be selected.

Tehnične značilnosti

hitrost 6,0 / 7,2 / 9,0 km/h
kapaciteta batarij AGM 53 Ah (C5), 62 Ah (C20)
Gel 63 Ah (C5), 74 Ah (C20)


35 km z AGM baterijo 53 Ah (C5), 62 Ah (C20)
45 km z gel baterijo 63 Ah (C5), 74 Ah (C20)


160 kg

dovoljen naklon

7° (12%)



višina sedeža (mm)

410 - 570

širina sedeža (mm)

340 - 560

globina sedeža (mm)

340 - 580

nagib sedeža


kot hrbtne podpore

-9 ° do + 30 ° mehansko
0 ° do + 30 ° moči





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